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Collaborating with private equity and venture capital funds, we support their portfolio companies with commercial and operational excellence, driving efficient value creation with hands-on or advisory support.

As interim executives, former leaders, consultants, and advisors, our engagements have propelled global businesses to accelerate profitable growth and enabled them to attain their full potential value.

You’re in the right place...

…if you’re the CEO or Operating Partner of a private equity or venture capital fund with a business that is faced with one or more of the challenges below:

Underperforming in a growing market.

Struggling to deliver revenue and profitability.

Needing to unlock and maximise value to achieve investment or exit.

Struggling to build and execute an impactful commercial transformation strategy.

Lacking expertise in efficiently scaling operations, whilst ensuring profitability and long-term sustainability.

Your growth transformation partner

Our clients have recognised the need for experienced and efficient intervention to drive transformational commercial and operational growth.

An essential aspect of our approach is providing bespoke services and support to maximise the success of your business and unlock its full market potential.

Independent advisors

  • As your trusted advisors, we provide expert guidance and executive coaching to assist you in strategic decision-making and overall business development.

Consulting partners

  • We collaborate with you as partners, delivering specialised consulting and value-creation services to address challenges and capitalise on growth opportunities.
  • Our top-tier management consultants leverage their expertise to develop and implement optimal solutions, ensuring long-term success in your endeavours.

Interim executives

  • As operational C-level executives on an interim or fractional basis, we seamlessly embed ourselves into your business, adopting a low-ego, sleeves-rolled-up approach to achieve transformative success.
  • Collaborating closely with your team, we expertly implement targeted strategies, optimise operations, and drive revenue growth and profitability.
  • Our commitment to taking ownership and accountability ensures value creation and sustained growth for your business, delivering tangible results.

Unlocking your full potential value

Every business and situation is unique. When we collaborate with you, we tailor our approach to deliver value through strategic, commercial, and operational initiatives.

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Exit Planning: Full Potential Plan

Case studies

We have worked on many commercial and operational growth transformations over the years. Below are some of our most notable case studies.

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Achieving sustainable sales revenue growth

Efficiency and growth-performance: Navigating financial pressures in tech

Prioritising efficiency over growth due to poor financial results. Cultivating a culture of growth-performance is crucial for success and innovation, as highlighted by a recent commercial due diligence on a PE portfolio company.

Carl Wiese, Chief Revenue Officer, Poly

“During the turnaround of BlackBerry, Mitul played an instrumental role, leading a team that built a strong carrier channel business across the globe, where he personally signed strategic partnerships with tier 1 carriers. In addition, he managed the EMEA channel, delivering strong performance with double-digit YOY growth.”

Vincent Cook, CEO & Founder, Cyb3r Operations

“Mitul played a pivotal role in driving our early-stage success. In 10 months, he skillfully combined strategic insights with hands-on contributions in sales, marketing, product and strategy. This led to securing pre-seed investment, forming crucial partnerships, and steering us towards a planned Series A funding round in 2024. He is an instrumental vested long-term partner.”

Florian Bienvenu, Chief Revenue Officer, Vision-Box

“Mitul is an amazing individual. His hard work, level of customer and partner intimacy, ability to manage people and solve smoothly complex issues are extraordinary. Mitul fights for the business, for his people and for success. The guy you want with you, not against you.”

Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Message Services AG

“I worked alongside Mitul for several years and would be very happy to do so again. His technical command and his diligence when meeting customer expectations were fundamental to the successful development of the largest global messaging provider of recent years.”

Alan Giles, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Voxsmart

“I am constantly impressed with his dedication and tenacity. Mitul balances the needs of the channel with the needs of his own organisation brilliantly, ensuring that the spirit of partnership is felt on both sides. Mitul is an inspirational leader, with a track record of success.”

David Bergonzo, Vice President, Market Transformation, SAP

“Mitul’s dependability and capacity for multi-threading were extremely valuable in this demanding, project-oriented role. His polished communication skills, both written and oral, are recognised and appreciated by many and made a difference in complex, sometimes challenging environments.”

Mihir Andrei Mukherjee, Chief Executive Officer, Unipac

“Mitul is a vested leader and leads by example. I always counted on his support to help create and drive some of the largest deals we did in the UK and I can unequivocally advocate for him being the best channel leader I have had the pleasure of working with.”

We have over 35 years’ experience building and enhancing businesses to achieve accelerated and sustainable revenue growth. Here are a few of the businesses we have assisted.

Virgin Media
Mobile 365
Sybase 365
Cyb3r Operations
CTD Architectural Tiles

Dedicated to delivering shareholder value, our interim executives and consultants have collaborated with several prominent private equity and venture capital funds.

Paragon Capital
Fuel Ventures
Nordic Capital
Rivean Capital

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