We work with B2B technology companies, typically in a hands-on or advisory role. Each engagement is personally undertaken by our founder and principal, Mitul Ruparelia, tailoring the service to your needs.

We also partner with growth, private equity and venture capital funds to help address revenue challenges across the portfolio.

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For B2B technology companies

We offer two types of engagement, hands-on execution or advisory.

Hands-on Execution, Fractional Leadership, Fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Hands-on Execution

In this model, Mitul joins your leadership team as an interim or fractional chief revenue officer (CRO). This enables your business to leverage both his previous experience and his ability to define, build, lead and transform the revenue function. In this engagement approach, we tell you where the problem is and then help to fix it.

This makes sense if you:

  • Are looking for leadership to help design and embed changes.
  • Need an experienced expert on a part-time or ad hoc basis.
  • Are unable to attract a suitable candidate due to timing or budget constraints.
  • Need to ensure that sales and marketing strategies are capable of exceeding aggressive revenue targets.
  • Need a global leader who knows how to build high-performing teams.

What you can expect from us:

  • Ownership and accountability for all revenue targets and sales projections.
  • A low-ego, sleeves-rolled-up approach to getting the job done.
  • Integrity and straightforward values.
  • A clear and collaborative desire to drive growth.
  • Predictable, repeatable and scalable sales and marketing processes.
  • Optimisation of the day-to-day activities that drive buyer engagement and revenue conversion.
  • Hire and enable a strong team with a culture of execution and accountability.
  • Consistent and accurate sales forecasts, comprised of recurring revenue and long-term contracts.

Depending on where you are within your journey, we will stem the decline and deliver transformational revenue growth. As the people, systems and processes bed into the company culture, we aim to transition from a fractional chief revenue officer (CRO) role to an advisory role where we remain vested and engaged in the company’s success.

Independent Advisory, Non-Executive Director NED), Consultant

Independent Advisory

In this model, we engage with you as independent advisors. We are available to guide and coach the leadership and executive teams, contribute to board meetings and be on-call for strategic decisions.

This makes sense if you need guidance on:

  • Defining effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Maximising revenue performance.
  • Reporting to the board of directors and investors.
  • Building and coaching the leadership team.
  • Adapting to uncertain economic conditions.
  • Planning for long-term growth vs. quick wins.

What you can expect from us:

  • Plain-speaking, practical advice from 20+ years of experience.
  • Strategic thinking to develop the revenue growth roadmap.
  • Working towards achieving M&A or IPO, and subsequently supporting a successful integration.
  • Coaching and mentoring the executive leadership team.
  • A deep understanding of the technology marketplace in terms of sales and equity investment.
  • Guidance on strategic topics such as diversity, equality & inclusion (DEI), cybersecurity and sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Need investment?

For businesses where we are engaged, we recognise there may also be a requirement for investment to fuel growth. In these cases, we can work with you to build out your investor-related documents and then leverage our affiliated network of investors and accelerators to help seek funding.

We partner with growth, private equity funds and venture capitalists

We work with the operating partner within the fund, helping to address revenue challenges across the entire portfolio and jointly engaging at the highest point of impact.

By working this way, we can drive value and create efficiencies that elevate the entire fund.

If you are an operating partner or investor and would like us to review your portfolio or an individual company, please get in touch.

Fees and remuneration

Our fees vary with the engagement but can include a retainer, success fee or equity. Sometimes, we work with a combination of these.

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