We engage with B2B technology companies that are underperforming, in distress or searching for transformational revenue growth.

Our case studies include strategies to adapt, turnaround, innovate and transition. Our clients include CEOs, founders and investors from private equity, growth equity and venture capital funds. In each case, they have recognised the need for experienced and efficient intervention.

We focus on value creation

At Citius Partners, we emphasise long-term value creation over short-term tactics, working to build sustainable revenue and business growth for all stakeholders.

Our framework, your needs

Although your business is unique, our ACT framework (Assess, Create and Transform) is a proven process for accelerating revenue and business growth. It proceeds in three phases:

Step 1: Assess


Success and failure follow consistent and recognisable patterns. Working alongside you and your leadership team, we review the foundations for growth. Depending on your business needs, these may include:

An assessment will often surface multiple issues, or issues that are impacting multiple areas of the business. What we learn in this phase drives the next.

Step 2: Create


We will work with you to focus on the point of highest impact. What’s the biggest issue or lead domino? For example, we might devise a go-to-market model to stem revenue decline and return to profitable growth.

This stage typically combines rapid practical planning with longer-term strategic thinking.

Step 3: Transform


In the final stage, we can help you execute the strategy. This can include hands-on implementation via fractional or interim leadership, or arms-length advisor.

As each issue is addressed, we turn to the next most important. This embeds a ‘culture of delivery’ across your business and builds a compounding platform for growth.

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