About us

We are a hands-on growth transformation partner for private equity and venture capital backed businesses.

With over 35 years’ of experience, we have assisted multiple businesses to achieve profitable, sustainable growth through commercial and operational excellence.

Our values drive everything we do

“Our mission is to support investors and their portfolio companies in achieving profitable and sustainable growth, guided by our core values of integrity, trust and value.

How we can help your business

As interim executives and top management consultants, we embed ourselves in your business to drive execution and deliver results that enhance shareholder value.

Our approach centres on implementing and executing value creation strategies for businesses seeking transformational growth, facing underperformance, or in distress.

We prioritise long-term value creation over short-term tactics, working to build sustainable revenue and business growth for all stakeholders.

Helping you reduce time to growth

Fortius Partners is the result of a joint venture between Citius and Altius Partners, embodying the Latin terms ‘Citius,’ meaning ‘faster,’ and ‘Altius,’ meaning ‘higher.’

Together, ‘Fortius’ signifies ‘strength,’ forging a formidable alliance to drive swift, sustainable growth.

Our expertise remains deeply rooted in hands-on experience, offering pragmatic and proven methodologies to accelerate your growth transformation.

Leveraging our extensive partner network, we extend our services beyond commercial and operational transformation, encompassing vital aspects such as technology, finance & ESG.

Whatever growth challenges you face, we’ve been there – including times of uncertain economic conditions.

Our case studies and references speak for themselves.


Managing Partner - Mitul Ruparelia
Managing Partner - Simon Andreas Hofmann

Mitul Ruparelia

Managing Partner - Interim Executive

Simon Andreas Hofmann

Managing Partner - Consulting Practice


“Mitul is a very talented individual and was part of my leadership team at BlackBerry. During the turnaround of BlackBerry, he played an instrumental role in leading a team that built a strong carrier channel business across the globe, where he personally signed strategic partnerships with tier 1 carriers. In addition, Mitul managed the EMEA channel business delivering strong performance with double-digit year-on-year growth and the channel business was a vital part of the EMEA success.

Mitul has both a strategic and an operational capability which is a rare combination. He is bright, articulate and focused and has a very strong work ethic.”

Carl Wiese, Chief Revenue Officer, Poly

“I had the pleasure of having Mitul in my team for a few months, during which time he successfully drove, or had key contributions to, several projects. For example, in the telecom and healthcare industries, mobility and our engagement model with our largest customers.

Mitul’s dependability and capacity for multi-threading were extremely valuable in this demanding, project-oriented role. His polished communication skills, both written and oral, were recognised and appreciated by many and did make a difference in complex, sometimes challenging environments. Mitul, I hope our paths cross again in the future!”

David Bergonzo, Vice President, Market Transformation, SAP

“Mitul from Citius Partners played a pivotal role in driving our early-stage success. In 10 months, he skillfully combined strategic insights with hands-on contributions in sales, marketing, product and strategy. This led to securing pre-seed investment, forming crucial partnerships, and steering us towards a planned Series A funding round in 2024.

I am excited about our shared future and wholeheartedly recommend Mitul for his exceptional ability to drive growth and innovation through his hands-on approach. He is an instrumental vested long-term partner.”

Vincent Cook, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Cy3br Operations

“Was great working with Simon, he helped us develop a GTM strategy & execution approach for a new product introduction in our portfolio firms and went above and beyond. Simon is a very structural & strategic thinker, constantly challenging his approach and the work needed to add most value to the business.

Very customer oriented, focused on delivery & implementation rather than only smart ideas. Great understanding of the PE dynamics as well, pleasure working with him and his team.”

Koen Verschuren, AI Founder & Director, IGERIA

“Mitul is an amazing individual and top talent. I had the pleasure to have him in my team. His hard work, level of customer and partner intimacy, ability to manage people, and solve complex issues smoothly, are extraordinary. Mitul fights for the business, for his people and for success. He is fun to work with, too, which is always a plus. The guy you want with you, not against you.”

Florian Bienvenu, Chief Revenue Officer, Vision-Box

“Mitul was a key advisor to my business. He is a vested leader and leads by example. He has an incredible work ethic and understands how best to align the channel perfectly to drive incremental business. I always counted on Mitul’s support to help create and drive some of the largest deals we did in the UK and I can unequivocally advocate for him being the best channel leader I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Mihir Andrei Mukherjee, Chief Executive Officer, Unipac

“Simon is a sharp, experienced, and highly dedicated consultant. What makes him stand out is his ability to find the core success levers quickly and focus on effective execution. This helps business leaders prioritize the things that move the needle and create impact. I highly recommend working with Simon on value-creation activities. You’ll learn a lot and have fun doing so.”

Alec Vardanian, Senior Manager, SparkOptimus

“I have worked with Mitul for the past three years, and am constantly impressed by his dedication and tenacity. Mitul balances the needs of the channel with the needs of his own organisation brilliantly, ensuring that the spirit of partnership is felt on both sides.

Mitul is an inspirational business leader, with a track record of success. I hope to work with him for many years to come.”

Alan Giles, Group Chief Commercial Officer, VoxSmart

“It has been a pleasure working with Simon. He has proven to be deeply knowledgeable, insightful, analytical and mission-oriented.

In short – he is a critical part of the leadership team and can help reinvent your strategy and organization.”

Evangelos Kartelias, EMEA Senior Regional Finance, Invue

“I worked alongside Mitul for several years and would be very happy to do so again. His technical command and his diligence in meeting customer expectations were fundamental to the successful development of the largest global messaging provider of recent years.”

Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Message Services

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