We adopt a personalised approach when collaborating with you. Each engagement is overseen by our managing partners and is tailored to your specific needs, budget considerations, and timelines.

Whether as interim executives, consultants, or independent advisors, our commitment is to deliver an approach that best supports your company’s growth.

Explore the engagement models and the approach we take to support you.

Engagement options

We are here to support you every step of the way. Choose from our three engagement models to find the perfect fit for your needs, budget and timelines.

Independent advisors

  • As your trusted advisors, we provide expert guidance and executive coaching to assist you in strategic decision-making and overall business development.

Consulting partners

  • We collaborate with you as partners, delivering specialised consulting and value-creation services to address challenges and capitalise on growth opportunities.
  • Our top-tier management consultants leverage their expertise to develop and implement optimal solutions, ensuring long-term success in your endeavours.

Interim executives

  • As operational C-level executives on an interim or fractional basis, we seamlessly embed ourselves into your business, adopting a low-ego, sleeves-rolled-up approach to achieve transformative success.
  • Collaborating closely with your team, we expertly implement targeted strategies, optimise operations, and drive revenue growth and profitability.
  • Our commitment to taking ownership and accountability ensures value creation and sustained growth for your business, delivering tangible results.

Uniquely positioned to support you in the most effective way

  • Team of high-calibre individuals embedded within your business;
  • Ability to scale and meet your business demand (staff function as a service);
  • Flexible timelines with 5 days/week paid staffing (but delivered through a team);
  • Focus on delivering value and impact vs. reports (create lasting impact);
  • Multiple pairs of eyes constantly challenging and improving output.

Flexible and pragmatic way of collaborating

Agreed scope & budget

  • We use an agile approach to meet your needs and adapt to market changes.
  • Provided there is no change in scope, we will work to deliver within the agreed budget.

Iterative way of working

  • We collaborate closely with you as an embedded team within your business.
  • Iteratively refining deliverables, to ensure they meet your requirements.

Embed new approaches

  • Ongoing knowledge transfer for you to be self-sufficient.
  • Our objective is to ensure the realisation of tangible value for your organisation.

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