Demand generation

Scaling a business starts with scaling awareness and demand for products and services. Demand is often dependent on the execution of the marketing strategy. To take one example, a study from Gartner suggests that following up with your prospects within one minute results in a 391% increase in lead conversion.

While lead and revenue conversion is highly context-dependent, a general rule holds true across all our experience — efficient scaling requires an efficient, integrated system.

Where this is not present, we work with clients to align sales, marketing and business development. We implement workflows that target prospects, identify high-quality leads, and nurture those leads into opportunities. We incorporate this into the sales playbook, which includes KPIs, trackable campaigns and an accountability matrix showing who does what and when they do it.

Our objective is to optimise the revenue conversion performance, which we will do by focusing on the day-to-day marketing and sales activities that drive buyer engagement.


A private equity-backed MarTech business had started to scale globally but was failing to meet its forecasts.

As we engaged with the issue, we identified a lack of business development representatives and a breakdown within the marketing/sales workflow. This had resulted in a backlog of 18,000 leads stuck in the system. Leads that were not being nurtured or progressed.

We worked with the business to review the CRM workflow and implemented a series of KPIs to ensure that leads were promptly actioned and converted to opportunities.

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